Elite System

Elite System is our BEST selling ALL-IN-ONE system. This 20 plus inches wide touch-screen system give the salon store more screen spaces for appointment scheduler, technicians and service-sale items. The Elite System is our #1 selling POS System for Nail Salon Store. Power system allows to use windows OS to do other tasks...

Nails123system Software

$799.00 This is our #1 selling POS System for Nail Salon Store, system give the salon management abilities to set appointment schedule, integrate with technicians management and service items. Power system allows to use windows OS to do other tasks.

Thermal Paper Rolls (Small)

FREE For customers already have merchant bankcard service with YESMUA with $ 15.00 shipping fee. Lint Free Thermal Paper Rolls, top quality paper deliver crisp, clear images, each Paper Rolls has an end of warning signal, 50 Rolls in bulk carton 5+ year image life.

Thermal Paper Rolls (Large)

$95.00 Included Tax and Shipping fee. High sensitivity thermal paper is designed for crisp, clear, durable print images while meeting OEM printhead requirements. Ideal for calculators and cash registers.

Thermal Receipt Printer

$285.00 Thermal Receipt Printer (USB), internet cable not included. This unit fits any 123 POS System

Thermal Network Printer

$325.00 Thermal Network Receipt Printer (USB) with internet cable included, best for business require multiple printer stations. This unit fits any 123 POS System

Cash Drawer

$195.00 Cash Drawer for POS system perfect for space-sensitive and tablet applications. This unit fits any 123 POS System using the Thermal Receipt Printer. Available wired for any receipt printer, ECR/POS system, or computer interface.

Barcode Scanner

$110.00 Whether you’re a small business owner or employee, accurate tracking is an must have tool. Bar code devices provide an accurate, easy, and fast method of data entry and data storage for computerized information systems. This is a high-performance Laser barcode scanner can transmit data to window tablets, and PC’s...

Card Reader

$115.00 3-Tracks Credit Card maganetic stripe reader. This unit fit to any 123 POS Systems that use our merchant account, Gift, Rewards and VIP Cards. Can also read ISO and AAMVA card formats. The readers are available in various interface options. These readers provide a small package that is only slightly longer than a credit card...

Gift + VIP Cards

We offer great selections of design and style for Gift, Rewards, and VIP Member Cards. Choose image and design that works best for your business we can customize it with your logo and company colors. Or if you wish to personalized the cards with your own image and design you can simply upload and submit your own.

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